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On Its Way…

Congratulations! You’ve just successfully sent another email.


You didn’t mean to? You were not finished? The attachment was not attached? Uh-oh.

If you have ever sent an email before you meant to, you know how annoying it is. If you have never done it, you are, well, alone.

You know it the second you click the “Send” button, and there is nothing you can do about it. In one email program, the “New” button becomes the “Send” button after a new email is created and if your mouse is still lingering there, you can easily click “Send” and off goes your unfinished email. Ugh.

Here is my 100% guaranteed way to ensure this never happens to you again: address the email LAST, not first.

Really. Just because the cursor in a blank email is blinking in the “To” box and tempting you to “Address me now! Address me now!” you do not have to.

Without an email address in the “To” box, the email cannot be sent. In some email programs the “Send” button will be dimmed if there is no address. In other programs you can click “Send” but you will get an error message telling you there must be at least one address in the “To” box.

I recommend that you create your new emails from the bottom up:

  1. Click “Attach” to attach any files you mean to send
  2. Click in the Message box and type your email
  3. Click in the “Subject” box and type the subject that sums up what you’ve written
  4. Click in the “To” box to address the email
  5. Click “Send”

Ok. But what about “Reply” emails that already have the return address in the “To” box? Easy. Once you hit “Reply” and your new email is created, delete the email address from the “To” box, complete your reply, add the address back in, and click “Send.”

You and your emails are good to go.

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