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What is a Blog?

In this email, you will learn what a blog is, and you will learn about a new blog created just for you. Really? Read on.

A blog (short for “web log”) is an internet-based journal usually (but not always) written by one person, and usually (but not always) written about one subject. It has the look and feel of a website, complete with sponsor advertisements (but not always).

However, unlike a traditional website where information flows in one direction (from the site owner to you), a blog can be a dialogue; you can respond to what has been posted and others can respond to you.

There are blogs about almost everything: chocolate, fitness, nail polish, snowboarding, living in New York City, crayons, parallel parking, traveling, grandmothers, etc. You get the idea.

There are also blogs that don’t offer the opinions of the creator, but allow others to express their opinions on a certain topic. This is the kind of blog that I have created for you.

Introducing (drum roll, please) …


A homeowner blog about life on Skidaway Island

This independent, no-ad blog is a forum for sharing ideas and information about living on Skidaway Island. There is nothing to join and no new passwords to remember.

Check it out by clicking here:

Click through the pages, comment on the posts that have already been offered, or suggest a new post. The directions are easy to follow.

If you like the idea, forward this email to your friends so they can check it out. The success of this blog depends on the participation of homeowners.


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