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Isn’t Java Coffee?

If you routinely click “Later” instead of “Install” when that pesky “Java Update” windows pops up, you are not alone.

Is it safe? Is it a virus? The computer seems to work just fine when I ignore it. Isn’t Java coffee anyway?

Java is also a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) in 1995. The Java Runtime Environment — the software that requires frequent updating — powers the programs and utilities on your computer written in Java. The updates improve performance, stability, and security of Java-based software.

It’s ok — in fact, it’s recommended — that you install the update. If you click “Install,” an InstallShield wizard will appear and the installation process will begin.

(Note that recently the update process has begun to offer a free “ toolbar” on your computer. Much to the annoyance of many, the toolbar will be added to your computer unless you un-check the option. If the offer appears, you can click the checked box to uncheck the offer. Java will still update as needed).

When the installation is complete, a dialogue box will appear. Click “Close.” There is no need to restart your computer.

If you routinely choose not to update the Java software, you should uninstall the software from your computer completely. Running it without updating is the least desirable of the scenarios. Of course uninstalling the software will prohibit your computer from running Java-based programs.

Your choice: update or uninstall. Don’t ignore.

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