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Just Google It

It’s true. You can learn almost anything on the internet. From home. In your bunny slippers.

Where to start? Google.

Google is both the “yellow pages” and the encyclopedia, and nothing gets you where you want to go quite like it.

What can Google help you find?

  • Information about a person, product, or service
  • A particular website
  • Recipes (my husband’s favorite!)
  • “How-to” instructions on almost everything
  • Images to enhance a project
  • Maps of any geographic area
  • Sports scores
  • Everything else

That one lone empty search box in the middle of your screen is about as powerful a tool as you own. Use it wisely.

Here’s how:

  • Put a shortcut to on your favorites bar so you can get to the Google homepage in one click.
  • Use a few key words to get the search results you seek; enter “red wine carpet” and you will be cleaning in no time.
  • Be as precise as possible: “microsoft word 2010 change margins” is preferable to “change margins” or even “microsoft word change margins.” Including the program name and software version will ensure that the directions you get apply to you.
  • Type “define” before a word and you will get the word’s definition.
  • Type “weather” or “movies” before a zip code and you will get the local information.
  • Type a mathematical equation and hit the “return” or “enter” key to get the answer.

Unlike entering a full web address, searching Google will not take you to a specific website. It will return search results of websites that match your key words. From these results, you can determine which site(s) get you the information you are looking for.

And don’t forget, not everything you read on the internet is true/helpful/advisable; carefully evaluate what you discover.

Please search responsibly.

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