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A Hug for the Holidays

Ahhh … the winter holidays. Time to take a break from your busy life, rejuvenate, and get ready to start a new year.

Perhaps while you are in year-end mode, you might give your computer — and of all your electronic devices — a chance to rejuvenate as well. They work hard all year too.

Computer TLC?

You are probably thinking that “the darn thing is just lucky I haven’t tossed it out the window this year.” Hmmmm.

Here’s a list of things you might do to smooth over any hard feelings:

  • Shut down your computer and unplug it from its power source. (Do the same for your monitor if is has a separate plug)
  • While it is unplugged
    • Clean your monitor with a dry cloth or lint-catching duster (never spray anything liquid directly onto the screen)
    • Clean the crumbs out of your keyboard (a can of compressed air works great)
    • Remove all the dust and lint from the fan behind the computer
    • Wipe down the mouse
  • Plug everything back in, power the computer back on, and let it boot completely before using it
  • Delete your cookies and temporary internet files (Windows Internet Explorer 8: Start Button > Internet Explorer > Safety > Delete Browsing History)
  • Delete your cache (Mac: Safari > Empty Cache)
  • Empty your Trash/Recycle Bin
  • Perform the updates that you keep clicking off, especially Windows updates, Adobe updates, and Microsoft Office updates.
  • Restart your computer (one or more of your updates might require a restart anyway)

For your other devices, power them off completely and reboot them as well, clean the fingerprints off of the touch screen and the case/cover, and upgrade the apps you have (if updates available) or discard the apps you don’t use.

You might find that your computer and all of your electronic devices work a little better. At least they will be cleaner!

Happy holidays to my ITmail group. I hope you all enjoy the fun of the season. I’m around if you need me.

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