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Image is Everything

There has never been an easier time to take pictures. Even the not-so newest cell phones have cameras. No excuse for missing that scenery, that smile, that reunion, or that retriever.

What should you do with these pictures? At a minimum, store them somewhere safe and organize them so you can find them.

Some pictures should stay in your phone, camera, or iPad so you’ll always have them with you. What’s a cocktail party without a few pictures of your brilliant grandkids or the adorable dog?

But these devices are not the best place to keep your only copy of these memories.

You should transfer your favorite images to your computer — by importing, emailing, or through the “cloud” — and then back them up along with your files onto an external hard drive.

Although your pictures don’t care if they are organized, you should. Take advantage of programs like iPhoto, Picassa, Windows Picture Gallery, or the “Pictures” folder on your hard drive to group your photos by time, event, or person. Make meaningful albums.

Don’t just have pictures, enjoy them!

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