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One Computer in Two Places

If you spend time in two houses, or in one house and an office, you probably have a system for using your computer(s) in both locations.

Perhaps you take a laptop back and forth. Perhaps, if you have two computers, you transfer files using an external hard drive or you email yourself what you need. Or perhaps you access one computer from the other computer electronically.

If you use a laptop, you know how convenient it is to have everything with you. But maybe the screen is too small, the keys are too close together, and the touch pad is too awkward. Unfortunately, the more comfortable configuration — the large monitor, the full size keyboard, and the familiar mouse — is too cumbersome to be portable.

The ideal scenario for accessing your data and enjoying a comfortable workstation is to outfit each desk with a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse, and travel with just your laptop.

When you arrive, boot up the laptop, plug in the peripheral devices, and close the laptop lid. Your data will be visible on the monitor and you’ll be able to use the mouse and keyboard. All of your files will be accessible from your laptop’s hard drive.

When you leave, unplug the peripherals (you’ll leave them behind) and pack up your laptop. Repeat the same set up at the other desk.

This scenario might involve some initial purchases but the ease of traveling with only a laptop, and the luxury of a comfortable workstation in both locations, will be worth the investment.

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