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The Fine Print

I thought that computers were supposed to make us a paperless, environmentally friendly society, but gauging by the number of households with printers and by the reams of paper they process, it’s clear we are far from paperless.

There is, however, one painless lesson we can all learn about printing that will save paper, ink, and time: specifying the “print range.” Don’t print more pages than you want.

In many cases you will wish to print the total number pages in your document, which is why the print dialogue box has “All” checked for you already. In this case, you need not change any settings; just click “Print” and you’re done.

But, if you wish to print only a specific range of pages, you will need to make an adjustment to the print settings before you click “Print.” Here are some examples of print ranges for a multi-page document:

  • If you wish to print page 1 through page 5, type “1-5” (no quotation marks) in the Print Range box.
  • If you wish to print page 1, page 3, and page 7, type “1,3,7” (no quotation marks) in the Print Range box.
  • If you wish to print pages 1 through 4 and also pages 7 and 9, type “1-4,7,9” (no quotation marks) in the Print Range box.

If your computer does not have a “range box” that you can fill in, but only has the choices of “All” or “From” and “To,” take advantage of the “From” and “To” boxes to specify a smaller print range than “All.”

If you are printing information from a website rather than a document, and you are not sure how many pages there are, or which specific page number(s) you want, choose the “Print Preview” option to view the pages the way the printer will print them. From there, you can determine which page number(s) you want and enter the correct range.

Happy printing!

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