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Unwanted Email: Delete, Spam, or Unsubscribe

What can you do with the many unwanted emails you receive everyday?

You have some choices:

  1. You can READ them and buy everything, join everything, laugh at everything, send money to people who ask for it, and enroll in numerous exciting courses of study.
  2. You can FORWARD them to people you don’t like and make those people as miserable as you are. (Rest assured, they are already getting their own unwanted mail).
  3. You can DELETE them. This will remove the email from your inbox but you might still get another email from that same sender tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day…
  4. You can SPAM/JUNK them. By designating an email as spam (or “junk,” depending on your email company), you are sending a message to your email provider that you no longer wish to receive email from that address. (Note: don’t spam emails from your friends who just send you too many not-so-funny jokes, unless you are prepared to miss emails from them that you might actually want!). Spam/Junk works to varying degrees; it often depends on your email service’s commitment to this feature.
  5. You can UNSUBSCRIBE to them. Well, to some of them. If there is a store, an organization, or a club that sends email ads or newsletters that you prefer not to receive, open the email and look for the “unsubscribe” option at the bottom. By clicking this link (and maybe answering a few optional questions about why you are unsubscribing), you are telling the company to stop sending you email. They should honor your request, although it might take a few days. Unfortunately, you cannot unsubscribe to emails that are sent like personal emails.

This ITmail series is one to which you can easily unsubscribe, but I really hope you won’t!

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