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Favorites: One Of My Favorites

Remember how wonderful it was when you got your first phone with speed dial? You entered the numbers of those you called most often and then with only one push of a button, you were dialing the whole number. It was great.

Your computer has a speed dial function as well, for your most frequented websites.

On a Windows computer with Internet Explorer, the “speed-dial” buttons are called “Favorites.” On a Mac computer with Safari, they are called “Bookmarks.” Once you set them up, they offer a one-click trip to the designated website. Awesome.

Suggestions for bookmarked sites:

  • Google (a must!)
  • The Landings Club (you can only bookmark up to the sign-in page, but still worth it)
  • Savannah movie theaters, film times
  • Your bank(s)
  • Your hometown newspaper
  • Your favorite sports team(s)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Favorite stores

To save a page as a Favorite/Bookmark, go to the site itself (either by typing in the web address or finding the page through Google) and then click on the yellow star (Internet Explorer), the plus sign (Safari), or the red heart (AOL software).

Your Favorites/Bookmarks will appear either across the top of your internet window (toolbar) or in a drop down list (favorite/bookmark menu). If your favorites are visible in a toolbar, you might wish to rename them to take up minimal space (example: “Club” instead of “The Landings Club”).

If you already have your favorite buttons set, you probably don’t know how you’d live without them — although this is a good reminder to clean out the ones you no longer use. If you don’t have any favorite buttons set up, you are missing out. Create one or two and see if you like them. You’ll be back!

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