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iTunes Is More Than Music

Often times I’ve mentioned “iTunes” to my computer students and they say, “Oh, I’m not really interested in purchasing music.” That may be so, but iTunes is so much more than music. iTunes is also movies, tv shows, books, podcasts (digital media files like radio shows and interviews downloaded to your computer), and even iTunes U (lectures on just about anything by noted authorities) — and much of it is free!

To take advantage of this wonderful resource on either the Mac or Windows platform, go to and download the free iTunes software onto your computer. Once you create an account (an apple ID and a password) and give them a credit card that they store for your purchases, you are privy to an incredible world of education, entertainment, culture, humor, and yes, music. You will never be lonely.

  • Love the CarTalk guys on NPR? Subscribe to their free podcast and get the most recent episodes sent to your computer.
  • Miss the classic humor of The Mary Tyler Moore Show? Purchase or rent a single episode or own a whole season.
  • Wish you had heard actor Tom Hanks address the graduates at Yale in May of 2011? Watch this — and other insightful commencement addresses — on iTunes University.

The time it will take you to download the iTunes software will vary with the speed of your computer, but get it started and go make a sandwich or mow the lawn. It will be worth it!

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